Netflix Parenting 101

Netflix has recently created a love/hate relationship with their customers. After announcing they would soon become two companies, Qwikster for DVD’s and Netflix for streaming videos, they changed their mind again to opt out of the split. We agree with the decision for Netfilx to remain one company to meet all our entertainment needs. Watching their business decisions over the last month has given us an opportunity to learn great lessons in parenting.

1. Think about it! Its common sense how important big decisions are in the course of parenting. We need to do our best to think of all the “what ifs”.  And answer all the “whys” to define all the reasons behind making a big parenting decision.

2. Be consistent! Netflix had a good thing going, but in their quest for something else – we’re still trying to figure that part out – they upset their customers and lost their loyalty.  Inconsistency is ineffective in developing a positive parent-child relationship.  Establish your parenting strategy & rhythm and then stick to it!  You will decrease the amount of large battles if you will address the small ones…consistently!

3. Do PR! Parents and large corporations alike make mistakes. Unlike a customer who can flee at any moment, our kids are stuck with us! Remember Netflix next time you make a parenting mistake. Get back on track. Ask for forgiveness. Re-establish relationship. It is a powerful truth for us to admit we made a mistake and ask for forgiveness. Often times 5 of the most powerful words your kids can hear you say are “will you please forgive me?”

*What other insights can we gain in parenting from the recent decisions made by Netflix?


Our Favorite Children’s Bible

For our friends and family this post will come as no surprise. Every night of our 4 children’s lives ends in a Bible story, prayer and a blessing. More on the blessing later. But our favorite children’s Bible we’ve come across is the “Jesus Storybook Bible” put out by ZonderKidz. We’ve used this Bible, although not exclusively, for over a year now with our family, children at church, high school students, and in an adult home group.

Here are 3 reasons why you should purchase the Bible no matter how old you or your children might be:
1. Every story points to Jesus! As the tagline of the Bible states, “every story whispers His name”. This simple yet profound idea to write Jesus into every story makes the grand Story of the God’s Word come together in a very powerful way. It helps both the parent and child see how we are woven into the greatest Story ever told. And most importantly it’s all about JESUS!
2. The artist totally kicks butt! His name, Jago, is cool enough on it’s own. But his artwork sends the stories through the roof.
3. God’s great love is made known in every story! As the author, Sally-Lloyd Jones writes throughout the book, God has a “Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.”

Enjoy and watch out! You just might cry at the conclusion of every story! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
Links: ZonderKidzJesus Storybook Bible


Identity in Christ – Part Two

Part 2 of “How to help your kids develop worth and identity in Christ”

The second way is to lead your children into understanding that God is our Father!  As most of us know our earthly models will fail us, but our Heavenly Father will never fail us. Since we will fail our kids along the way we must continually point them to our Heavenly Father.  We must teach our kids who God is and how He loves.  We find many examples of who God is in the Psalms.  Parenting Idea #1: Read a chapter a night with your kids and underline or journal the names and descriptions of God you find in the Psalms.

Once we know who God is, it changes our understanding of who we are when we say we are children of God.  We begin to understand we have the family name, family traits and characteristics.  A quick and easy example of these are found in Galatians 5:22-23, the Fruit of the Spirit. This leads to Parenting Idea #2 which we stole from our good friends: A great way to help your kids see their Heavenly Father’s character in them is by charting when they display the Fruit of the Spirit on a poster. Here’s a picture below to illustrate. Reward accordingly!

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Identity in Christ – Part One

How do you help your kids develop worth and identity in Christ?
This article is the first of a 2-part series.

First, we need to help our kids understand God is our Creator. When we explore the impact of this truth we discover how and why we were made.
Genesis 1:27 tells us we were made in God’s image. So basically God chose to display His glory through our lives.
Psalm 139:14 tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

When we look at the process and product of God’s creation, we begin to understand that God’s resources are unlimited. Therefore, He creates without limits. The life application of this is that God can create in our lives without limits. He can make something out of nothing. Nothing is impossible for God! He is the author of life. He began our very own story and we get to be agents of love, light and change in His great story!
Grasping these concepts gives us purpose and value which defines our worth. Our worth is found in Christ alone!
Turn the tv, computer and video games off to spend some time this week marveling at God’s creation and discussing it as a family. Go explore, go for a walk, or pitch a tent in the backyard and sleep under the stars. Allow the powerful message God’s creation sends to impact you and your kid’s worth and identity!


Laughing Bathtub Baby

Here’s a quick bonus video of Ryker on his birthday today. He’s in the bathtub because his diaper was atrocious! We’re sure you’ve also experienced that little pleasure as parents. Anyway, he’s always been a physical comedy type of boy. Enjoy!

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