Words To Strengthen (Or Save) Your Marriage

When it comes to arguments, my sweet wife Pat and I have had some doozies. That’s plural for doozy. By definition a doozy is “something outstanding or unique of its kind”. And I’d like to consider our arguments as such. Outstanding. And definitely unique! Worthy material for a sitcom at times, and at others so lame it’s embarrassing. Let me just say I’m glad none of you are there to witness how immature I can be in the home.

If it weren’t for God’s grace & sense of humor, we might not have made it over the past 12 years. But years ago in the midst of a heated discussion (of which I’m sure I was right, ha!) I did something unique in the moment of one of my doozies. I prayed. And God answered. He then gave me four words that have strengthened the Golightly home from top to bottom ever since. I looked Pat in the eyes and with conviction said, “I’m on your team!”

I'm on your teamThose 4 words have been monumental in our marriage. “I’m on your team” communicates so many other truths to one another. It’s a way of saying, “I’ve got your back. I support you. I care about your opinion. I want to hear your voice. I’m listening. We’re in this together. I’m not giving up. My disagreement doesn’t trump my fierce love for you. You’re worth more to me than winning an argument. I deeply care about this relationship. There’s no giving up in this marriage.” And on and on…

For some reason, God has continually brought me back to these words over the years. And there is absolutely no doubt God has used them to strengthen our marriage. I sure hope they’re a blessing to yours. But I’m just curious, what words has God already given you to strengthen or save your marriage?


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