Let It Breathe

Let It BreatheI’m impatient. I’m reminded of that every night at dinner. This is when my mini-me, Ryker, almost 3 years old, becomes instantly happy after taking his first bite. Prior to that he’s fussing incessantly. The dinner-time math equation goes as follows: fussy hungry boy + food = immediately happy boy. It’s ridiculous. And evidently he’s a reflection of his father. So yeah, I can be impatient, and ridiculous. Can’t we all, though?

Being impatient can have it’s benefits. You get your way faster, quicker, and possibly done efficiently. But therein lies the biggest problem. We get our way, not God’s perfect or best way. Regarding this, God recently gave me more words to strengthen my approach to work, marriage, parenting, and those lovely stressful moments in life.

It happened while I was riding shotgun in my friend’s car partaking in one of my favorite pastimes: Eavesdropping. I was droppin’ the old eaves on his phone conversation with his wife. [Disclaimer: he’s fully aware of this!] From the tone of his voice I could tell there was some drama. And in the midst of it he spoke powerful words over his wife. He simply said, “Let it breathe”. Let it breathe.

Maybe another way to say it is, “Give it time. Don’t rush in. Pray over this before jumping to any conclusion. You don’t need to respond to that person right this second! Calm down. Keep calm and let it breathe. BE STILL and KNOW that HE IS GOD! Give God room. Back up, take a deep breath, and realize He is in control. God truly is sovereign. Wait on the Lord. Don’t make a rash decision out of impatience. Let God be God and wait on His perfect timing. Address this issue after you’ve let it breathe for a bit. There’s no need to worry, He supplies all our needs.”

Quick question for you, the reader: How did God create life? The answer: With a breath. So let Him breathe life into yours. Let God breathe into your marriage today. Your job, your parenting, and even those stressful moments when you’re tempted to take the path of impatience. Step back, let it breathe, and let God breathe into you. Blessings.


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