I’m just…

I’m just tired. I’m just frustrated. I’m just bored. I’m just fine. I’m just busy. I’m just stressed. I’m just fed up. I’m just done.

Life can be hectic, that’s for sure. And as strong as we try to be, spinning our multiple plates, we can instantly find ourselves piled up. Or piled on and maybe even feeling piled through. Stuck with life’s fork, we can feel cooked to the core. And we find ourselves saying some of these “I’m just…” statements. And we’re supposed to treat people like Jesus when we’re feeling like this? What! Are you kidding?

If you’re anything like us, this messiness of life is only compounded and magnified within the walls of our homes. Our spouses and children get a front row seat to the best and worst of our character. And in the midst of frustration, weakness or exhaustion we can shoot off an “I’m just…” statement and hope it’s enough for everyone to understand that we’ve given all we can give for the time being. But isn’t that our problem? We’ve given all WE can give. And we haven’t relied on the graciousness & provision of the Lord.

Some times I like to picture Jesus munching popcorn. Watching me. Slightly chuckling. Similar to watching a comedy with foreshadowing, He sees the coming train wreck of emotions I’m about to put myself through, and it’s comical. I picture Him smiling, and waiting. Ever patiently waiting. He waits for me as a husband and father to loose the grip of control and let Him move. His words to me are the very words I should be speaking over my family.

Instead of “I’m just tired”, I should let Him speak through me to say, “He is our rest”, “give us rest Lord”. Instead of “I’m just frustrated”, it’s “He is my peace. His understanding is higher than mine.” Rather than boredom, Jesus is my purpose and my joy. Instead of using the lie of “I’m just fine”, it’s showing my family that I’m comfortable with some genuine honesty. It’s showing our children the raw emotions of life, walking through the painful moments together, and then quickly pointing them to the powerful characteristics we find in our Savior. And instead of saying, “I’m done”, maybe we should say “I’m letting Him begin!” After all, Jesus is just enough. He is JUST what we need.

Refresh us, oh Lord! Renew us as parents, and husbands, and wives. May we find all we need in You alone. That is my prayer today. Amen.

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