The Small Things. Part One.

Vincent Van Gogh said,

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

Our children are a lifelong work of art. Sculpted and painted by their parents over decades. It’s this fact that has caused me to chill out about “what my child is becoming!” Only because my definition of what they are becoming is extremely short-sighted. I know this is a marathon. A life-shaping journey. But I want and can unfortunately expect instant results from my children. Beautiful awe-inspiring works of art aren’t usually produced that way. And we can’t assume that any single word of advice or behavior alteration will result in an entire life transformed. After all, true heart & soul transformation is only the work of the Holy Spirit. And my job is to focus on today. Today. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Each day as a parent has enough trouble of its own. So I’ll do the small things. Because they matter! My tone of voice, my words, my facial expressions. What small things can you focus on today?

[the amazing work of art was done by Payton, age 7, for Father’s Day]

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