Lovely and I Know It

I just saw a high school girl I ministered to as an elementary student. She was wearing a “Sexy and I know it” t-shirt. So we had a great talk. But being sexy is… well I guess it’s supposed to be an added bonus within the confines of a marriage relationship. But what really matters is “do you feel LOVELY“? Lovely is on the inside. It comes from knowing who you are, which only comes from knowing who God is. And you are ONLY lovely because God loves you. He knew you intimately as He knit you together in your mother’s womb. You were and are worth fighting for! “Sexy” is glamorized by the world & tells you that you’ll find worth in gaining some attention, but what the world can’t offer is “Lovely”. Only God can do that. And you ARE lovely to Him. And God has already fought for you! He sent His only Son in pursuit of your heart, so give your heart to Him ladies, and only then will you begin to understand the meaning of feeling lovely on the inside. Do you know you’re lovely because He loves you? I sure hope I can pass this on to my daughters. Sexy is overrated. Feeling lovely & captivating is powerful. And by the way, no human being should be responsible for you feeling lovely. Only Jesus can offer “lovely”.

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  • thehsmomof3

    Great article! And it’s my observation that “sexy” can be awfully selfish, while “lovely” that is rooted in God gives in beautiful ways. That’s certainly what I want for my daughters.