Bread and Circuses

According to Warren Wiersbe,

“Bread and circuses” was Rome’s formula for keeping the people happy, and people today are satisfied with that kind of diet. Give them food and entertainment and they are happy. Rome set aside 93 days each year for public games at government expense. It was cheaper to entertain the crowds than fight them or jail them.

I’d love to say that the overwhelming majority of Christians in America aren’t satisfied with this “food and entertainment” level of contentment, but I would only be far from the truth. We live in a culture of stuffed stomachs and starving spirits. And this world has us believing that a happy belly full of all the finest foods equals a happy heart. The only problem is this concept is nowhere to be found in Scripture.

If all we seek for ours and our children’s spirits is entertainment then we will receive that momentary reward. But if we see Jesus for being the true “bread of life” for our family’s then our spirits will never go hungry! Jesus is the Word of God and the Word of God is real food. Feed on the Word of God today!

How are you as a family feeding on the Word each day?

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