Happy Anniversary Pat

 Today is our 11th anniversary. 15 years together counting the 4 years of dating! And boy we have some fun stories to share about dating. But I (Ryan) will stick to the marriage part. This post will mean the most to those who know us best, but I want to share some truths about our marriage that might give a glimpse of why we are who we are. This will appear as if I’m boasting about my wife, and I am, so deal with it folks.

  • If you think that I am a remotely good leader, it’s because Pat supports me as I practice leading our home.
  • If you think that I might be a good dad, it’s because she gives me grace to mess up and faith that I’ll come through next time.
  • If you think that I am happy, it’s because I have a smokin’ hot wife!
  • If you think I have joy, it’s because she creates a peaceful home where I absolutely long to be.
  • If you think I am loving, it’s because I feel loved, honored and respected in my home.
  • If you think I’m fun or goofy, it’s because she is my best friend with whom I have the utmost freedom to be the person God has created me to be.

In short, Pat Golightly is a representation of God’s love for me. She shines the light of Jesus in our home, and she’s is always growing in her relationship with the Lord. She is a woman who causes me to worship the Lord greater, and desire to serve others faithfully. And she is an incredible mom to 4 amazing children!
I Love You, Pat! Happy Anniversary.

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  • Ron Lisano

    Happy Anniversary!! You Guys are Awesome!!  My wife & I look up to you guys!!May God Bless you with many more years to come!!

  • Johnbaptiste

    And you are awesome too, Ron.  You can’t even imagine how awesome!

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